Health & wellbeing - benefits of riding


We have quite a few riders for whom horse riding has far reaching benefits.  It is more than just a pleasant exercise, they can work in partnership with the horse and build up trust and confidence. 


We don't claim to be a cure all but for riders with autism, anxiety and depression we have often found that being around the horses and riding has really helped them.


Some of our customers have come from charities and organisations that help young adults with confidence, anxiety and similar issues which have been impacting on their wellbeing.  The feedback we get is positive and as a stables we are very keen to help where we can.


If you wish to discuss this at all or think that riding could be of benefit please do get in touch.  We can arrange sessions at times which are quieter around the yard and tailor the sessions to suit individual needs.

Sam 07976 956 815   01934 515 811                 (7 to 8.30 am or 6 to 8pm is best if possible)